Established in 2007-- R2P.Gold is brought to you by the founders at R2Pleasent Gold.  Our new service, R2P.Gold, connects our customers with a wide variety of payment methods not supported on R2Pleasent Gold.  These include PayPal, PaySafe Card, and more.  Shop with confidence, your order is being fulfilled by the same experts who started R2Pleasent over 10 years ago.
Five Minute Delivery We are devoted to providing our customers with immediate service.  We do our best to meet you in-game and transfer your order as quickly as possible, usually within 5 minutes of your completed payment.  Use our 24/7 Live Support for instant communication with one of our experienced and professional customer service specialists.  We are here to help!
Always in Stock Through the past 10 years we have built an extensive network of suppliers.  We are able to guarantee all orders are in stock and available to deliver for OSRS and RS3.  Feel free to contact us prior to making a bulk order (500M+ OSRS or 5B+ RS3) for peace of mind.  Our Live Support is here to help. 

  • Had a very helpful agent named Derik help me out the whole time, as soon as I figured out what was wrong on my end I got the gold in less then 5 minutes!

  • Everything I bought every week for the last 4 months and last 2 times there’s been problems and now they won’t reply or give me my money I have all screen shots and everything.

  • Loved the help an quick service

  • Nice and swift